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About Us

We are highly skilled professionals with nearly 10 years of experience and specialise in adultery based investigations. We are a legally registered Thai entity and are here for you 24/7 to help resolve your doubts and fears.

We can help investigate and gather evidence on on your concerns or help clear the doubt you have about your partner. We work fast, honest and to the point. Our years of experience ensure we understand your problem and your needs.

Our highly skilled teams can be deployed quickly and efficiently in every Thai province. They can gather evidence on your partners cheating which can be used in court .

We make use of modern gadgets to capture as much evidence as possible. Our camera's are of high quality, often even capturing high quality images under minimal lighting. We can track their whereabouts so you know where they are and if they tell the truth. Confidentiality guaranteed

We focus on high quality performance. We meticulously check every step and every detail to ensure you get all the information required. The job is planned and discussed before we start, so you are aware at all times of what we are doing on your behalf. We are confident we can help resolve your case as we have made the lives easier for thousands of our clients.

We are well connected. This helps us attain information that otherwise could remain hidden from you. Our detectives are in close contact with the best legal representatives of Thailand. Any legal question you have regarding your case can be found out swiftly.

You can rest assured that we are a professional, cut to the chase company, that understands your needs and knows how to get to the bottom of things. We make sure you do not have to worry any longer and can breath easily again, knowing the full truth.

We help put your mind at ease on matters of the present or the past. We will make sure the truth comes to light and together we will ensure your case comes to a satisfactory resolution.

Our Private Detective Services

Investigation of an individual

  • Have insight into the individuals ID card (Identification code, date of birth, age, address (as stated on the card), blood type
  • Check the marriage certificate
  • Check the names of other individuals registered in the same house
  • Check name and surname of the parents
  • Check the location according to the government registration documents
  • Social security check
  • Educational history check
  • Criminal history check
  • Passport examination for both Thais and foreigners
  • Check flight travel plans - inbound and outbound of Thailand
  • With the place of origin and destination, both Thai and foreign
  • Check immigration (airport) for both Thais and foreigners
  • Check for vehicles registered or leased by the individual
  • Check the name of the operator from the truck registration
  • Check the ownership or the owner From the car registration number - motorcycles
  • Check tax number In the case of filing income tax

Investigate infidelity

  • Investigate infidelity, cheating, adultery by lovers, spouses or others
  • Investigate the behaviour of employers, debtors or other persons as required
  • Investigate individual behaviour at work
  • Follow any individual requested by the client to get to the truth
  • Photography, video recording, voice recording, person or place or vehicle

General detective services

  • Find people according to subpoena
  • Investigating evidence for litigation
  • Background check. Reliability of partners or joint venture partners
  • Investigate tactical information, movements of competitors
  • Investigating the value of tactical movements of competitors
  • Investigate business information, partnership, number of shares held in the company
  • Check financial movements

We will not participate in any investigation if we assess the goal is to cause physical harm to the investigated party, or others they may know. We will not accept any case that involves criminal activity.

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